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a Bruker AC300 300 MHz, was upgraded to a Bruker UltraShield 300 MHz with a AVANCE III console in 2010, then, in 2015 to a Bruker Ascend 500 MHz with  DRX 500. Twin Bay Console. Oxford 11.7 Tesla Magnet. PC (Running Topspin1. 3 on Centos5).

Bruker 500 ultrashield

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Dimensions = Magnet Pallet 32x32x60; Console Pallet 32x32x40; Parts Crate 48x40x36. Click PDF Attachment for De-installation summary. Asset Located At 1576 Rollins Road, Burlingame, CA, 94010. Model: Bruker Ultrashield 500MHz. Location: Morley Science Room 154. This instrument analyzes the structure of molecules by evaluating the electromagnetic radiation emitted by certain atomic nuclei when they are subjected to their electromagnetic resonance frequency in a strong magnetic field. Bruker 500 MHz LC-NmR Flow ProbeModel Name: 500 MHz LC-NmR Flow Probe Serial Number: H8691 /0201 Components Included: Main unit and power cord.Testing & Functionality Notes: This unit has not been tested - functionality unknown.

Available instruments are: Bruker 500 MHZ spectrometer with a broadband nitrogen  NMR experiments can be acquired using an Avance III spectrometer manufactured by Bruker Bio-Spin operating at a field strength of 11.7 tesla (500 MHz) with a  Bruker Avance II 500. img_20190117_082128183 Cryo Probe Inverse Triple Resonance 5 mm with Z-gradient; 3 independent channels + lock channel; 1H, 2 H,  30 Sep 2020 Spectrometer Information 500 MHz Avance Spectrometer located in Med. Sci. 1 D , Room 19 Designated for Solid-State NMR Uses Topspin 2.1  Our facility offers the following spectrometers: two Bruker 300 MHz high resolution, a Bruker 500 MHz high resolution with solid capabilities, and a Bruker 600  25 Feb 2020 were acquired with a 500 MHz Bruker Avance III spectrometer connected to a 11.7 T cryomagnet (Bruker Biospin, Ultrashield 500 WB plus).

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RMN 500 MHZ Bruker Avance · RMN 400 Cryomagnet: Bruker Ultrashield. Field: 11.7 Tesla.

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Bruker 500 ultrashield

AVANCE 500, four-channel system for liquid state NMR Bruker is the world leader in magnetic resonance imaging, offering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technologies for NMR, EPR, TD-NMR and MRI. The BioSpec® series is designed for the emerging market of preclinical and molecular MR imaging and MRI research.

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Bruker 500 ultrashield

TBI - Triple Resonance Broadband Probe 4. H/X Solid Standard Bore Probe 5. H/X/Y - Solid Triple Resonance Double Broadband Probe: Bruker AVANCE III HD ASCEND 9.4 Tesla/400 MHz with Autosampler: 1. item 1 BRUKER 300 MHz ULTRASHIELD NMR WideBore 54mm 1 - BRUKER 300 MHz ULTRASHIELD NMR WideBore 54mm. $4,499.00. Tektronix 500 MHz Oscilloscopes & Vectorscopes.

Cosmetic Notes Contact Expert. Products & Solutions Applications Services & Support Applications Services & Support BRUKER 600 ULTRASHIELD NMR SPECTROMETER 600/S4/MKS; BRUKER 600 ULTRASHIELD NMR SPECTROMETER 600/S4/MKS. Manufacturer: Not Specified Model: Not Specified Condition: Used. See More Information. Seller InformationWazobia Enterprise. United States. Phone Number Login / Register.
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1. 5 mm multinuclear broad band probe (BBFO) (15N-31P) with   The Bruker Avance II Spectrometer features a 14.1 Tesla/600MHz wide bore Ultrashield magnet Variable temperature range of -140 to +150 °C. 1 kW amplifiers for 1H and one BB channel, 500 W amplifier for the low frequency BB channel. Bruker 500MHz Ultrashield. Bruker 400MHz Ultrashield.

Activity RA Covers: The hazard and risks associated with Electromagnetic Fields   Oct 26, 2005 This is the standard single channel X frequency amplifier. Input XIN: 500W output for RF input of 1Vpp over a frequency range of 6 - 365.
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complete with Avance II NMR console, RT shims, choice of one probe, Oxford 400 ultrashield 400 magnet, and Bruker TopSpin PC workstation. Please note Bruker 500 MHz H8420. BRUKER 300 MHz ULTRASHIELD NMR WideBore 54mm. About this item $4,499.00.

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HPLCs, a Bruker UltraShield 400MHz NMR system, a Varian SD-1 Preparative HPLC, mass specs. 500 kr – Kläder & skor – Järfälla – Jackor & ytterplagg, stl. HPLCs, a Bruker UltraShield 400MHz NMR system, a Varian SD-1 Preparative HPLC, mass specs.